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Zirvedeki Eviniz

Papazlıkhan Boutique Hotel, located at the summit of Altınoluk Village
has a very special position regarding the place it was constructed.
All the rooms overlook the panorama of Gulf of Edremit, the Islands of Ayvalık and Midilli Island.

     At days when the summit is wrapped with clouds, Papazlıkhan stands above the clouds. When the mists start to disperse, as it lives the legends of Ida, the water drops flow to the sea from the sunlight. The stars in the sky seem as close to make you feel you can touch them with your hand. When the sun dawns the pure air of Kazdağı, with the magnificent view from Papazlıkhan provides the feeling of perfect serenity in the early hours of the day... When you enter Papazlıkhan Boutique Hotel, you start to breathe the mystic air of the Middle Ages. In the hotel, where white light is not used, the lights are dim everywhere. Yellow lights have been used, to provide serenity to your soul, heart and eyes...

     Candles are lit everywhere in the hotel. The interesting details of its authentic interior decoration amaze the guests who arrive. The doors of the rooms and the suites are the same as the doors of Bastille prison of Paris.. The wall ornaments brought from Venice, many paintings where mythology is depicted and other many special details.

     The guests stopping at Papazlıkhan discover taste and health in the pure olive oil dishes special to the Gulf area. “Papazlık Breakfast” special to Boutique Hotel consists of products which do not contain any concentrated product. Village bread, village butter, cheese and eggs taken from the villages in the neighborhood, olives of the region, homemade jam, eggs with spicy beef sausage and olive oil with thyme... The a la carte menu served during the day, again consists of dishes special to the Aegean cuisine and to the region.



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